Kirk Cousins and the rest of the Washington Redskins' first-team offense played the full first half Saturday night and did not look ready for prime time. Not at all.

"We stuttered and sputtered," coach Jay Gruden said, Clay Matthews Jerseys"and missed a few throws and had a couple runs rejected."

The Redskins didn't collect a first down until the opening quarter's final play and Cousins only produced a TD while facing defensive reserves on drive No. 6, while Aaron Rodgers made a surprise start for Green Bay and looked to be in midseason form in the Packers' 21-17 exhibition victory.

"We all believe," Cousins acknowledged, "we still have a lot of work to do."

Washington's initial three drives resulted in an embarrassing total of 13 yards. Cousins was 2 for 6 for 9 yards in that span; running back Rob Kelley gained 4 yards on three carries behind a starting offensive line providing little push.

"We're a work in progress, no question about it," said Gruden, Bart Starr Jerseyswho is back to calling plays this season after offensive coordinator Sean McVay left to become coach of the St. Louis Rams.

Asked about his offensive line and running game, Eddie Lacy JerseysGruden offered this tepid assessment: "For the most part, I'm not concerned, really."

Washington's fourth possession stalled when Kelley was stopped for no gain on fourth-and-1. After the fifth, Cousins had steered Washington to only three first downs -- one via a defensive penalty -- while completing 8 of 15 passes for 67 yards against a Packers secondary missing two of its top three cornerbacks. Cousins, who will earn about $24 million this season under a franchise tag, ended up 14 for 23 for 144 yards, including a 4-yard, fourth-and-goal touchdown pass to Jamison Crowder with 13 seconds left before halftime to make things seem better than they actually were.

Cousins said his "internal clock" was off. Gruden described his QB as "a little antsy."

Rodgers, meanwhile, Jordy Nelson Jerseyswent 6 of 8 for 37 yards and a TD pass to new tight end Martellus Bennett -- plus one of his trademark quick snaps to draw a penalty -- on his lone drive.

"It's good to get out there," Rodgers said. "I'll probably play a little more next week."


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Наталья Николаевна, я желаю Вам здоровья!
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